A Model of Leadership for Our Times

I’ve already posted about how Anson Mount’s Captain Pike of “Star Trek: Discovery” showed  us something about the kind of leader we need now. The response to Pike was so strong among fans that Disney has decided to make a spin-off show with Pike in the lead role, “Strange New Worlds,” showing the journeys of the Enterprise a generation before Captain Kirk takes the helm.

I was delighted to hear this, and I was about to write a post about it when I came across Jessie Gender’s youtube video about why Pike is exactly the kind of leader our society is searching for, the kind of leader who can pull us together and take us into the future. Pike, says Gender, provides us a positive version of masculinity without toxicity; a leader who lacks ego and isn’t interested in power; is personable but has appropriate boundaries; has a sense of humor, is honest and makes himself vulnerable; encourages camaraderie, respects others and fosters their growth and well-being; encourages the voicing of opinions even when they disagree with his–as long, as he says, they come with suggestions for what to do; can admit his mistakes without blaming or scapegoating other, yet is not weak and can be decisive when the situation calls for it; and ultimately, is a man of strong values who holds to them no matter what.

Jessie Gender kindly gave me permission to link to their video; you can watch it here.

One thought on “A Model of Leadership for Our Times

  1. Plenty of scenes in the Star Trek universe that shows a good examples of leadership. I always be inspired how captains have to make tough decisions and at times have to lead by example too.

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