My Services

NOTE: I no longer offer editing services  except for long-time clients.


I published my first article over 40 years ago and since then have written books, book chapters, articles, essays, white papers, interactive educational pieces . . . see CV for details. I have  over three decades of experience writing for others, primarily as a medical and scientific writer specializing in materials targeting both professionals and lay persons. My areas of expertise include psychology, cultural studies, mythology/religion/spirituality, women’s health, nutrition, and integrative/functional medicine, but I am adept at researching any topic.

My gift is to be able to explain complex topics in simple language no matter what the subject area. I am trained in writing for low-literacy clients and belong to the Plain English Campaign. For insight into why plain English is vital to getting your message across, read this article.

I am also available for ghost-writing books. This process involves getting an unfinished manuscript and rewriting it under the direction of the author, who retains the copyright and credit. My name does not appear on the book. I have ghost-written both fiction and nonfiction books.


In Greek mythology, the hero Theseus would never have made it back out of the labyrinth of the Minotaur without the thread Adriadne gave him to guide his steps.  I help writers find the thread of the narrative so they can create a story that flows logically, without any gaps or loops that could cause the reader to lose their way.

I review manuscripts for plot, character development, consistency,  and narrative arc.  I also provide guidance on balancing dialogue, exposition, and description while making sure the book meets the needs of the genre/intended audience.  For nonfiction books, I ensure that you are getting across the “big ideas” that make your book unique.

I can also provide advice on how to elevate your writing, from proper use of apostrophes to how to avoid sounding stodgy and write more lyrically. I help authors  avoid pitfalls such as authorial intrusion and misuse of adverbs. My goal is not just to make your book the best it can be, but help you become a better writer.

I wrote my doctoral dissertation and a subsequent book on the heroine story in real life and literature. I am available for consultation on how to write a believable heroine.

References can be found at the bottom of the “Resume and References” page.


I am available for interviews and public speaking on a variety of topics related to my book, writing, myths and archetypes in the movies and television, and cultural mythology. See my CV for subjects I have spoken on to date.