Public Appearances

“A compelling speaker”  – Jeanie Swanson Glaspell, American Association of University Women

“Rich, deep, nuanced, and balanced” – Rev. Bruce Bode, Quimper Unitarian Universalist Fellowship

“Vibrant and engaging” – Michelle H. Mason, Capilano University Department of Documentary & Motion Picture Arts


January 15  “A Writer Takes a Squint at Anima and Animus.” Virtual lecture to the Seattle Jung Society. 
You can read the essay here.

January 24  “We Don’t Need Another Hero.” East Shore Unitarian Church, Bellevue, WA. Listen to/read it here.

July 31 “The Beautiful Fruits of Barrenness.” Fates & Graces Mythologium, online.

Read this essay:


August 31  “Edenic Comedies: The Missing Fourth in Louise Cowan’s Theory of Comedy.” Virtual presentation at the Fates & Graces Mythologium.

July 14    7 – 8 pm, MST Virtual book event through Rediscovered Books, Boise, Idaho


August 2  “Hero Quests and Heroine Journeys Degendered.” Presentation at the Fates & Graces Mythologium conference, Morro Bay, CA. Also participated on author panel.

May 13  “Hero & Heroine Journeys.” Half-day workshop offered for the University of Capilano Department of Documentary & Motion Picture Arts faculty, North Vancouver, BC, Canada.


October 6  “Anima/Animus: Archetype, Complex . . . or Story?” Presentation to the Pacifica Graduate Institute Alumni Association of Washington State, Seattle, WA

April 8 “Midwifing Change, Part Two.” Quimper Unitarian Universalist Fellowship, 9:30 and 11:15 am.  LISTEN TO or READ this talk here.

April 7  “Anima/Animus: Archetype, Complex . . . or Story?” Presentation to the Friends of Jung of Port Townsend, 7 pm, Quimper Unitarian.


July 9  “Midwifing Change,” Evergreen Unitarian Universalist Fellowship, Marysville, WA, 10:30 am.

April  13  “Magic Wands and the Origins of the Good Wizard,” Popular Culture Association Annual Conference, San Diego, CA

March 26  “Midwifing Change,” Skagit Unitarian Universalist Fellowship,  Mt Vernon, WA, 10:30 am

February 26  Book signing, Island Books, Mercer Island, WA, 2-4 pm.


October 4 “Stop Being Such a Hero: A More Effective Approach to Social Activism” at Port Townsend Rotary Club

September 16 Reading/signing at Chapter One Books, 340 2nd St W, Ketchum, Idaho

September 15  “Heroic Quests and Heroine Journeys,” Joseph Campbell Foundation,  Light on the Mountains Center for Spiritual Living, Ketchum, Idaho

September 14 Reading/signing at Rediscovered Bookshop, Boise, Idaho

June 19 “Midwifing Change” at Kitsap Unitarian Universalist Fellowship, Bremerton, WA, 10:30 am.

May 22 “Midwifing Change” at Quimper Unitarian Universalist Fellowship, Port Townsend, WA

April 23 “The Wisdom of Women’s Stories” talk, Washington State convention of the American Association of University Women, Suquamish, WA

March 23 “Re-Storying Movies: How American Fantasy Films Are Reimagining the Princess and the Prince” presentation at the Popular Culture Association annual conference in Seattle, WA

March 19 “The Wisdom of Women’s Stories” workshop, Port Townsend, WA

March-April “Introduction to Dante,” 7-week class through the Adult Learning Program, Quimper Unitarian Universalist Fellowship, Port Townsend, WA

February 26 Introduced Christine Downing, PhD, who gave an evening lecture followed by a Saturday workshop on gender identity sponsored by the Port Townsend Jung Society, at Quimper Unitarian Universalist Fellowship, Port Townsend, WA

February 16 & 18 Talked about being a writer for AAUWPt’s Career Day events at Blue Heron Middle School & Chimacum Middle School


November 14 Speech to the Port Townsend branch of the American Association of University Women (AAUWPt) on “The Wisdom of Women’s Stories: Role Models and Mentors”

September 18-19 Lecture  and workshop on “The Wisdom of Women’s Stories,” Unity Spiritual Enrichment Center of Port Townsend

September 10 Book reading/signing at University Bookstore, Bellevue, WA

August 14 Book reading/signing at Trail’s End Bookstore, Winthrop, WA,

July 16 Book reading/signing at Third Place Books,Seattle, WA

July 7 Interview with Paul John Roach, host of “World Spirituality,” on Unity Online Radio (listen to it HERE)

April 28  Interview with Leigh Melander, host of “Myth America,” on WIOX Community Radio

April 25   “The Friendship of Women” workshop, Bellingham Unitarian Universalist Fellowship Women’s Retreat, Fort Casey, WA

April 11   “Ereshkigal: A New Look at an Old Goddess,” presentation at the Association for the Study of Women in Mythology Regional Conference, Portland, OR

April 3    “How Women Write the Heroine Story,” presentation at the Popular Culture Association/American Culture Association National Conference, New Orleans, LA

March 21  Reading/signing at Island Books, Mercer Island, WA

Jan. 22 – March 12   “Spirit & Nature in the Age of Science II: Searching for a Metaphysical Methodology,”  class through Quimper Unitarian Universalist Fellowship’s Adult Learning Program, Port Townsend, WA





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  1. Hi Jody, I have read your book and am very interested in attending your September workshop. Is it open to the public? I am a writer of historical fiction who lives in the Portland area.

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